Tuesday, July 21, 2015

FALL Registration

{Click the link above to download the Entry Form}

**These will be printed out and placed at the Country Club if you have any trouble printing.  Please do not leave form or payment at the Country Club.**

Tennis Tournament - July 2015

Mindy & Carol

State Farm- Terry Bertrand
Gulf Coast Autoplex
Jeff Davis Bank
Therapy Center
Cassidy Appraisals & Real Estate
Parker's Workwear
Jennings' Ladies Tennis League
Michael Cassidy, District Attorney
THE Bank
Jennings American Legion Hospital
Shaun Sabelhaus - Edward Jones
Sheriff Ivy Woods
State Farm- Nathan Sonnier
Cormier's Specialty Meats
ABC Bookkeeping
Donald Farms
Senator Dan "Blade" Morrish

Healthy Size
Mike's Seafood
Green's Cafe
Edward David Sonnier III
Bubba Oustalet
Jim & Aileen Prevost
State Representative Johnny Guinn
Herpin Rentals
Jennings Pediatric Center
Jeff Davis Family Medicine
Sears- Donnie Daigle
"TEE" Green -Oustalet Ford
Thibodeaux, Albro & Touchet Therapy Group, Inc
Advanced Family Eyecare
Mudd & Bruchhaus
Dr. Joel Conner - Advanced Sports Injury & Spinal Care

2.5 women:
1: Tookie Herpin/ Andre Simar
2: Cindy Cormier/ Peggy Bergeaux
1. Joelyn Doland/ Tasha Wilkinson
2. Yvonne Eastman/ Jen Meaux
1. Aimee Benoit/ Mandy Ellington
2. Debbie Hollingsworth/ Robin Camp
1. Corina Melancon/ Cherly Jordan
2. Jan Cassidy/ Dana Simon
1. Carrie Watkins/ Susan Cart
2. Tammie Watkins/ Ginny Sonnier
1. Kim Crowe/ Lillette Marceaux
2. Dione Sabelhaus/ Dana Baggett

Andre & Tookie

Dione and her sister

Jen and Yvonne made their own shade

Tasha & Joelyn

Tyler Beard
Mark Hollier
Aimee & Mandy

The Jennings Tennis Boosters Tournament was a great success!  Brian, Brittney,
Janine, Doug, Coach Laverne, Tanya, Donna, Cindy, Andrea and
countless others put in many
hours to make this happen.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Doubles Clinic July 25

Friday, July 17, 2015

Committee Meeting Minutes

Our committee met today for a brief meeting to discuss several issues and exciting events:

1.  We discussed several forfeit situations.  We decided to more strictly enforce the 1 week rescheduling rule.  We will only give rescheduling extensions for a death in the family or injury.  As a reminder, the person who initially reschedules is responsible for the rescheduling/forfiet.

2.  We donated money to Jennings Parks and Recreation Department to put benches at the Jennings Elementary Courts--enjoy your new rest area, ladies!  (there will be a picture and article in the Jennings Daily News next week!)

3.  There will be a MANDATORY meeting on August 24, 2015.
     a. We will go over league rules
     b. We will recognize our Summer League Champions
     c.  We will have a drawing for the Fall League (registration forms will be out soon).
          **Please note that all fees must be paid before your name will be entered into the drawing!**
     d.  We will relax, eat and play a little tennis!

4.  We discussed a Fall Mixer and Spring Tournament.  Neither have been confirmed yet, but we will be asking for volunteers to form a tournament committee.

5.  3.0 playoff matches on July 27!

6.  The Jennings Tennis Boosters Tournament starts today!  Our league donated the balls for the tournament & our logo is on the back of the shirts.

7.  The committee has asked that Elisha not update the scores every week since there have been matches played early and it would not always be a good representation of the standings.  Also, the suspense may be fun!

- Brittney, Aimee, Dione, Mary & Kris

Friday, June 19, 2015

Doubles Clinic June 20

Jennings Doubles Clinic at the Jennings Elementary Courts
with USPTA Pro Ronnie Walters
2.5-3.0 Doubles Clinic -8:30am-10am
3.5-4.0 Doubles Clinic-10am-11:30pm
Junior Clinic (ages 6-10 orange dot ball)- 11:30am-12:30pm
cost: $25
also available for private lessons starting at 12:30pm

Please email me at ronniew10spro@yahoo.com to sign up 
or text me at 225-397-5248

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Doubles Clinic May 16