Friday, June 19, 2015

Doubles Clinic June 20

Jennings Doubles Clinic at the Jennings Elementary Courts
with USPTA Pro Ronnie Walters
2.5-3.0 Doubles Clinic -8:30am-10am
3.5-4.0 Doubles Clinic-10am-11:30pm
Junior Clinic (ages 6-10 orange dot ball)- 11:30am-12:30pm
cost: $25
also available for private lessons starting at 12:30pm

Please email me at to sign up 
or text me at 225-397-5248

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Doubles Clinic May 16

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ronnie Walters Clinic May 2

Jennings Doubles Clinic at the Jennings Elementary Courts
With USPTA Pro Ronnie Walters
Saturday May 2nd
2.5-3.0 Doubles Clinic -9:30am-11am
3.5-4.0 Doubles Clinic-11am-12:30pm
Junior Clinic (ages 6-13)- 1-2pm
High School Clinic 2-3pm
cost: $25
Please email me at to sign up 
or text me at 225-397-5248
God bless,
Ronnie W. Walters
Tennis Director
YMCA-Lamar Tennis Center
8100 YMCA Plaza Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Tennis Apprentice in Crowley

Come learn the game of tennis!
Tuesday nights at 6:30 in Crowley
$60 ($280 value)
  - USTA Membership
  - 6 hours of lessons
  - player party
  - player gift
For Ages 18+
Tennis Pro Bill Phillips

Questions?  Contact Liz Azcona @ 225-769-0339  or
Click link below for full flyer and registration information

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Tennis League

Hey Ladies,
It's summer tennis time and that means fun fun fun in the hot sun!!!!  Please take a moment to look at the attached roster to make sure it has everything correct before I print it out.  League play begins 5/18 but if you want to start early because of summer obligations contact your opponents and start play!!! You can look on the blog  to see our rules for the league.  I will have the schedules finished by Thursday but not in a form to be printed or emailed.  However, if you do want to contact me to see who you play on certain dates you can call me.  It is better to play early than to wait and run the risk of a forfeit!!! Our matches will be played on Monday and Tuesday's.  We will have to use all courts in town including Franklin Park!!!!  I will contact Brian Benoit to make sure all lights and straps are in good condition!!  3.0 division  ladies I will be emailing you rules on how we play in the Team A  vs Team B.  Thank you for supporting and playing in our Ladies Tennis League!!!!  
2.5 Division:     
Tricia LeGros/ Leslie Benoit                                    Gretchen Wild/ Tina Perry
Kristine  Richard/ Tyana LaVergne                         Miranda Young/ Andrea White
Soraya Owens/ Marlene Thibodeaux                     Jenee LaVergne/ Tookie Herpin
Jade Harrington/ Rhonda Migl                                Tonia Oustalet/ Jennifer Young
Lana Thibodeaux/ Michelle Oustalet                        Stina Broussard/ Jennifer Richard
Sub: Elyse Guitard
3.0 Division: ( not put into Team  A & Team B yet)
Aimee Benoit/ Krista Koonce                        Kim Lavergne/ Ellen Myers
Sydney Guidry/ Elisha Duhon                        Suzanne Doucet/ Gayle godeaux
Joelyn doland/ Pauline  Bourne                    Kris Reed/ Pat Meche
Crystal Benoit/ Lauren Hurst                         Paulette Kratzer/ Melany Sonnier
Mandy Ellington/ Sherry LeGros                    Brenda Oliver/ Allison Benoit
Beth Daigle/ Staci Thibodeaux                        Robyn Daigle/ Tasha Wilkinson
Andrea Hurst/ Monique Gates                        Daphne Simoneaux/ Shelly Miller
Allison Oustalet/ Rachel Person                    Kristian Fontenot/ kate Hollier
Sub: Tobi Sonnier
Carrie Godeaux
Karen Stelly/ Yvonne Eastman                Phyllis Hargroder/ Ginny Sonnier
Candice Alexander/ Lonnie Fontenot        Beth Faulk/ Carol Benoit
Aileen Prevost/ Kimberly Juneau                Dionne Sabelhaus/ Kim Fox
Cindy Evans/ Mindy Hetzel                        Julie Benoit/ Sylvia Fontenot
Tammy Watkins/ Polly Strickland                Debbie Miller/ Jeanine Kibodeaux
Kay Bush/ Mary Hart                                    Jennifer Meaux/ Brittney VanHook
Jan Cassidy/ Janine Hollier
Sub: Claire Angelle
I will let you know as soon as I get schedules and rosters printed and at the club!!!!
Thanks & any questions, text me!!!!!!!!!!! 
Brittney VanHook

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Clinic